Amy Morris-Young lives in the San Juan Islands with husband Dan Morris-Young and son Nick. Dan and Amy have a combined family of six kids and eight grandkids, the youngest of whom made her a Nonna. Amy is a product of 16 years of Catholic education, culminating at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She is one of those bleeding-heart liberal Catholics. It is in her DNA to bring you lasagna when you are sick.

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Dear Mary, age 4: I'm sorry that our world is broken and dangerous

Notes from Nonna: As much as you think you want to be all grown up right now, I am happy that you can't read or understand the news. Very scary things are happening in our country right now.


Far from Italy, living in American isolation, I pine for Lucca

Notes from Nonna: Our lives in the U.S. are predominantly lived out in separate boxes, the smells and sounds and textures of village life only distantly remembered, if at all.


Fashion notes from my nonna

A recent visit to Mass reminded me of my Italian grandmother, who late in her life traveled regularly to her ancestral home in Villa Basilica. In time, her visits became a liberating force among the women in the village. 


Held in God's loving embrace

Daily Easter Reflections: In the 1990s a Peanuts cartoon featured Linus and Lucy waiting on Halloween for the mysterious Great Pumpkin. In one cartoon strip Lucy refers to the Great Pumpkin as a "she" and Linus looks at her shocked. "Never even occurred to you, did it?" she replies.