Amy Morris-Young lives in the San Juan Islands with husband Dan Morris-Young and son Nick. Dan and Amy have a combined family of six kids and eight grandkids, the youngest of whom made her a Nonna. Amy is a product of 16 years of Catholic education, culminating at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She is one of those bleeding-heart liberal Catholics. It is in her DNA to bring you lasagna when you are sick.

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I am really, really bad at being patient

Getting new info out of my autistic son is tough. When Nick reveals glimpses of his knowledge, like saying that music from "Jurassic Park" is actually from "Jurassic World," it just makes me feel grumpy.

Book Review

A reluctant mortician's sneak peeks into death

Book Review: Caleb Wilde's first book, based on his popular blog of the same name, is best when it relates details from his professional life as a sixth-generation funeral director. 


If we share, there is abundance

The nature of our busy lives is that we usually only have time to care about what happens inside our own small circles: our families, our friends, our jobs, our parishes, our communities. And especially since the last election, we in America appear much like those feuding tribes in ancient Israel. 


New guardian angel protects us as we share #MeToo survivor stories

With Barbara Blaine gone, I worried that survivors might hold their stories tight, and keep those damaging secrets hidden. I am only guessing, but it seems she continues her mission, from heaven.