Amy Morris-Young lives in the San Juan Islands with husband Dan Morris-Young and son Nick. Dan and Amy have a combined family of six kids and eight grandkids, the youngest of whom made her a Nonna. Amy is a product of 16 years of Catholic education, culminating at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She is one of those bleeding-heart liberal Catholics. It is in her DNA to bring you lasagna when you are sick.

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Amid vitriol and polarization, how can we love one another?

Some of my dearest family and friends embrace political positions that that fiercely contradict mine, but I still strive to love them. Being yanked between the ferocious ends of our current moral and political tug-of-war seems makes that difficult in the extreme.


Resisting the pity party

When I'm in the middle of what feel like back-to-back catastrophes, I have learned that if I give in to even a bit of self-pity, I can rely on being thumped soundly on the head by God and the universe. And rightly so.


Dear Mary, age 4: I'm sorry that our world is broken and dangerous

Notes from Nonna: As much as you think you want to be all grown up right now, I am happy that you can't read or understand the news. Very scary things are happening in our country right now.


Far from Italy, living in American isolation, I pine for Lucca

Notes from Nonna: Our lives in the U.S. are predominantly lived out in separate boxes, the smells and sounds and textures of village life only distantly remembered, if at all.