Nuclear weapons are illegal: 50 nations ratify historic UN treaty

Commentary: The U.S. and the world's eight other nuclear-armed countries boycotted the treaty negotiations and have shown no inclination to accept it. Living as we are in a nation that legally sanctions nuclear weapons, what would Jesus have us do?


Remember, repent, resist: 74 years since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Commentary: The anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of two Japanese cities is a time of remembering the horror, repenting the sin and reclaiming a future without nuclear weapons.


Nuclear disarmament is possible if we have faith and act on it

Commentary: If we are to take seriously the magnitude of the nuclear threat and the admonition of Pope Francis, we must risk taking action commensurate with the colossal threat.

Redeem the times! A remembrance of Dan Berrigan

Appreciation: April 30 marks the first anniversary of the death of Daniel Berrigan, renowned Jesuit priest, peacemaker, poet — and prophet.