My reporting has taken me from Andean villages in the shadow of glaciers to indigenous communities in the Amazon suffering from oil spills, and from a migrant stopover in southern Mexico train yard to an ethnobotanical park off the tip of Tierra del Fuego. I came to Peru in 1989 as a lay missioner with Maryknoll, and have worked in grassroots communications projects, as director and editor of Latinamerica Press/Noticias Aliadas, and as a freelance journalist writing mainly on environmental, health and indigenous issues for publications including EcoAmericas, The Lancet, Nature, Science, Discover and National Geographic Online. I've covered the Catholic Church in Latin America for National Catholic Reporter and Catholic News Service, including Pope Francis' trips to Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru and the 2019 Synod for the Amazon in Rome. Write me at and follow me on Twitter at @Barbara_Fraser.

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