Young Colombians work to prevent peers from a life of violence, crime

Gabriel Rentaria was 7 years old when he started using a gun. Never to kill, he said, just to scare people. But he saw people -- enemies and friends -- fall dead "in my face," he recalled.

Consolata priest helps Colombians find forgiveness after long war

If Colombians truly seek peace, they must give up vengeance and seek reconciliation by forgiving themselves and one another, said a priest who is devoting his life to such a mission.

Church urges Colombian government to protect local leaders under threat

Catholic Church leaders are urging the Colombian government to protect community leaders who are being targeted by hired assassins.

Peru's bishops support proposed overhaul of judicial system

Peru's bishops expressed support for an overhaul of the country's judicial system after phone-tap recordings revealing influence peddling and corruption became public.