Despite hearing's drama, some say Kavanaugh won't make major changes

The four days of Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh were as heated as the unusually high temperatures in Washington during this first week of September.

Bishops need to collectively admit wrong, says author, seminary teacher

While bishops have issued statements of remorse for sex abuse in the church, one author and seminary theology professor says what has been missing from these statements is an acknowledgment by the body of bishops of wrongdoing.

Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire from Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced June 27, the last day of the Supreme Court's current term, that he is retiring July 31.

High court rules in favor of baker in same-sex wedding cake case

In a 7-2 decision June 4, the Supreme Court sided with a Colorado baker in a case that put anti-discrimination laws up against freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression.