Coping with school shootings: surreal part of U.S. students' routine

Students in schools across the country have to navigate their way around classes, exams, relationships, cliques, cafeteria food and crowded hallways.

Supreme Court sends death-row case back to lower courts

The U.S. Supreme Court sent a death-row case back to the lower courts Jan. 8 in a summary ruling.

In #MeToo movement Catholic Church can play role in discussion, healing

The wave of accusations of sexual harassment, misconduct and assault from Hollywood to Capitol Hill and many places in between in recent months has been described as a revolution, a moment and a time for national reckoning.

Court seems divided in cake case examining religious rights, expression

The U.S. Supreme Court seemed equally divided in the long-anticipated oral arguments Dec. 5 about the baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple because of his religious beliefs.