In death penalty discussion, U.S. bishops emphasize human dignity, mercy

The Catholic Church's opposition to the death penalty stems from its view on the sacredness of human life and the value of mercy, said U.S. bishops in a roundtable discussion about capital punishment Oct. 10.

Supreme Court divided over federal protections for LGBT employees

On the second day of the Supreme Court's new term, a divided court Oct. 8 heard oral arguments from three cases concerning protections for gay, lesbian and transgender employees under Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts.

Indiana bishops want decision to resume federal death penalty rescinded

In an Oct. 4 statement, the Catholic bishops of Indiana said the federal government's decision this past summer to end a 16-year moratorium on executing federal inmates is "regrettable, unnecessary and morally unjustified."

Supreme Court agrees to take up Louisiana abortion case this term

The Supreme Court announced Oct. 4, just three days before it begins its new term, that it will add an abortion case to its docket.