St. Joseph Sr. Christine Schenk served urban families for 18 years as a nurse midwife before co-founding FutureChurch, where she served for 23 years. She holds master's degrees in nursing and theology.

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Heart-sharing illumines God's great love

Simply Spirit: Sometimes I need to be reminded that, current political debacles aside, the whole world isn't going to hell in a hand basket. What we do (and usually take for granted) is a powerful witness for what sisters are all about.


The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable

Simply Spirit: Decades after Watergate, our nation is in the throes of seeking truth about critical issues affecting our democracy. What is a Jesus-follower to do?

Sr. Catherine Pinkerton, Network lobbyist and justice-seeker, dies at age 96

Appreciation - A "center of power," Sr. Catherine Pinkerton modeled how to stand on the line of "what is and what is yet to be" in justice and care of people.


There would have been a midwife at the stable

Simply Spirit: From a midwife's point of view all that heavenly host stuff is afterglow. The long-awaited child is born, Mary is safe, and Joseph as proud and relieved as any new dad trying not to faint over the intensity of watching his wonder woman wife give birth.


Prayer is a relationship