St. Joseph Sr. Christine Schenk served urban families for 18 years as a nurse midwife before co-founding FutureChurch, where she served for 23 years. She holds master's degrees in nursing and theology.

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Church's foremothers proclaim Jesus from beyond the grave

Simply Spirit: Ancient funerary art is performative in nature and is meant to draw the viewer in as a participant. As they mourned her, Junia wished her loved ones to enter into a liminal space and experience Christ's power over death. 


Women's authority can help heal our church's broken governance

Simply Spirit: Is God calling us to a radical metanoia? A turning ourselves around so as to reconsider who has decision-making voice in the church?


How long, O Lord, must we wait to reform the clerical system?

Reform starts with ordinary Catholics because we are the ones who financially support the present failed system. We are complicit in the sins of that system if we are not involved in creating inclusive structures of accountability. 


Catholic sisters helped pioneer today's 'pink wave'

Simply Spirit: After Vatican II, sisters joined the civil rights movement, engaged in advocacy for women's rights and even ran for office. It was a precursor, in a way, to the recent "pink wave" midterms.


Prayer is a relationship