Home for the holidays?

NCR Today: The immigration debate is wrapped up in legal ramifications and ongoing political problems. Regardless, these things shouldn't distract from the recognition of innate human dignity.

Eat, drink, and meet Ruthie

The past few weeks, I've written about welcoming LGBT Catholics home for Christmas, discerning one's vocation, and the enduring significance of the Salvadoran martyrs 25 years after their murders. This week, I'm changing gears to ... mini turkey quesadillas. Hear me out before you stop reading.

Make the Yuletide gay!

NCR Today: In the spirit of Pope Francis' invitation to speak freely, I have to say I don't understand a nasty response toward LGBT people.

Three questions you should answer

NCR Today: What is it about the most wonderful time of the year that also makes it the most stressful time of year?