James Dearie joined NCR as a Bertelsen editorial intern in September 2017 after his graduation from the University of Notre Dame.  He was born in Alabama and grew up in the Midwest and eastern United States, most recently in Cincinnati, Ohio. In the past, he has worked on multiple local political campaigns and been Capitol Hill summer intern.

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Programs give kids with special needs a chance at Catholic education

The Catholic Coalition for Special Education was born to help schools "create new programs or expand the one or two programs that existed, but also provide training for teachers and administrators, and also to provide practical and spiritual support raising children with disabilities."

Catholic colleges aid human trafficking survivors

Catholic colleges and universities are indispensable in the fight against human trafficking, says a recent study by Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities (FADICA).

Sourcing enlightenment: Changing media breaks open spiritual guidance

The media younger Catholics use to consume spiritually enriching content is changing, as well as the way they find it. The material is more diverse, and the roles of gatekeepers are diminishing.


When bishops said 'yes' to war, Ben Salmon said 'no'

Perspective: While World War I changed what war itself could be, it also began a change in how the church's leadership and laity thought about war, the United States, and Catholics' role in both.