Mariam Williams is a Kentucky writer living in Philadelphia. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing and certificate in public history from Rutgers University-Camden. She is a contributor to the anthology Faithfully Feminist and blogs at

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Shaping my adult life

At the Intersection: I turned 37 on Monday. One of those numbers between 35 and 40, age 37 isn't usually seen as a transformative birthday, but I think it is. 

Remembering the consequences

At the Intersection: Some inspiring young people have seen it through to have a marker placed on a Philadelphia street where, in 1985, the police used a bomb that killed 11 people and destroyed 61 homes.

My students need love as much as they do poetry

At the Intersection: Love means showing up every time I'm expected. Altering on the fly an activity they're not into. Not giving up, no matter how much I want to.

Gift of storytelling carries Jesus' calling to save lives with stories

At the Intersection: As part of my calling as a writer. I feel that I should be out saving lives with stories. That's what Jesus did.