Simple action of carrying water in the desert prevents migrant deaths

In the Sonoran Desert, temperatures soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. This vast, arid landscape of southern Arizona is where undocumented migrants make a path to find better life, and this is also where hundreds of unfortunate ones have taken their last breath.

Redemptorist filmmaker focuses on our 'neighbor': refugees and migrants

Redemptorist Fr. Charles Vijay Kumar's upcoming documentary, "Who Is My Neighbor?", shows the human faces of worldwide migration and asks for a Christian response.

Walk with migrants: Symposium calls church's people to do more

Los Angeles: People at a recent symposium on migration say that in order to move forward in solving migration issues, they must first and foremost understand the migrants' stories of struggles and challenges — and take action.

Immigrants from Myanmar hope for papal message of compassion

Ahead of Pope Francis' visit to Myanmar, the plight of the Rohingya people is at the forefront of talk from Muslims and Catholics from that country who now live in the U.S.