Jeannie Gaffigan hosts panel urging Catholics to get COVID-19 vaccines

Jeannie Gaffigan collaborated with Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles to host a virtual panel on Aug. 31 directed specifically at Catholic audiences. The panel, titled "Vaccines Are a Life Issue," examined the most widespread pieces of vaccine misinformation and walked the audience through responses to each.

Britney Spears: An icon for purity culture's wounded women

The trajectory of Spears' career and public persona can be understood, some scholars of evangelicalism argue, through the rise and decline of the evangelical purity movement. 

'You can't think yourself out of racism'

There is a burgeoning conversation about racism happening at the highest levels of academia, particularly in divinity schools, theology departments and religious studies programs. Black religion scholars say their work is routinely undervalued and their advancement blocked by a bias that sees the study of Black religious experience as secondary to white theology

Descendants of enslaved people join dig on former Jesuit plantation

Shovels in hand, descendants of the Georgetown University 272, a group of enslaved persons the Jesuits sold to Louisiana plantations in 1838, are volunteering at an archaeological dig on a former plantation in Maryland.