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John Allen is reporting from the papal trip to France

John Allen is covering Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Paris and Lourdes in France Sept. 12-15. There is no column today, but Allen is providing postings from France.

Throughout the weekend, read all the stories in his daily news column: John L Allen Jr Daily Column. (Paste this link into your browser: Stories Allen has filed include:

Sept 15

Pope in France: A lesson in 'Marian cool'

Read our new blog series, La Iglesia Hispana, focusing on Hispanic Catholics, the church's new emerging majority.

Sept 14

Pope in France: Traditionalists deserve 'a place in the church'

The Cross, Mary, and hope for 'new vigor' in the Churchy

Sept 13

Pope tells shrunken church, 'Don't be afraid'

Lourdes: Nothing says 'Catholic' like the Virgin Mary

Explaining Benedict's discretion on Islam

Sept 12

No reference to Muslims, but pope makes a call to resist 'disaster for humanity'

Benedict makes a case for 'healthy secularism'

Pope in France: Averting a secular Iron Curtain

Pope in France: Latin Mass an 'act of tolerance'

Earlier stories

Extracts from Sarkozy on church/state relations in France

Cardinal Tauran on the pope's trip to France

The Marian Papacy of Benedict XVI

Benedict hopes to tap the 'creative minority' of French Catholics

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