Cretin Alert: Rep. Joe Walsh

Not far from my home in Connecticut is the birthplace of Nathan Hale, the revolutionary war hero who, before he was hanged by the British, reportedly said as his last words: "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country."

Tammy Duckworth did not give her life for her country, but she gave both legs and the use of one of her arms when the helicopter she was on crashed in Iraq. But, such a sacrifice can't keep Rep. Joe Walsh, who never served a day in his life, from complaining that Duckworth should not be talking about her war record. Repeatedly. Politico has the story.

In the event, Duckworth does not spend a lot of time talking about her sacrifice, although she has spent a lot of her time focusing on veterans issues, as well she should. So should teh rest of us. But, many other people do talk about Duckworth's sacrifice and her story because it is an amazing story of overcoming adversity that highlights what is best about our men and women in the armed forces. Unable to serve in battle due to her injuries, she found another avenue for serving the nation. Hopefully, come November, she will serve the nation as a Congresswoman from Illinois having sent Mr. Walsh into an early and much-deserved retirement.

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