+Dolan Responds to Critics

Cardinal Timothy Dolan has responded ably to those who have begun criticizing his decision to invite both President Obama and Governor Romney to the Al Smith dinner. In addition to Dolan's call for civility, I would add the concern that conservatives - of all people - should recognize that events like the Al Smith Dinner demonstrate, in a concrete way, the limits of politics. Dolan hints at this in pointing out that the event is about raising money for charity and promoting civility in our national life. I would go further and recommend readers consult Jean Bethke Ehlstain's "Augustine and the Limits of Politics." Even a politician does not exhaust his humanity in his politics.

I am quite sure Cardinal Dolan has not heard the last from the parallel magisterium at LifeSiteNews, the America Life League, et al. I am waiting to hear Cardinal Burke suggest Dolan is acting at the behest of the father of lies!

Note to Readers: This morning, while checking out various websites to see what was news, we had a thunderstorm during which the modem at my Dad's house sent out a spark, followed by an enormously loud clap thunder, a dead phone line (my Dad's internet connection is a dial-up) and three very terrified dogs trying to climb under the desk - the St. Bernard did not fit.

Consequently, I am posting this AM from the closest Starbucks. Hopefully the phone connection will be back soon and I can get back on line, but if you see no further posts today, you will know it is not sloth, but mother nature, that has caused the problem.

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