Edward Peters Responds

by Michael Sean Winters

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Canonist Edward Peters has responded to my post yesterday, continuining the discussion we have been having about Canon 915 and Governor Cuomo.

Again, despite our disagreement on the issues at hand, Peters has given a thoughtful defense of his position and he makes the best case that can be made for that position. He has not persuaded me as I have not persuaded him.

But, I encourage everyone to read his comments, especially those who agree with my position. The exchange between Peters and me calls to mind something Jacques Maritain once wrote. I paraphrase, but it went something like this: Each of us is born into the world with either a liberal heart or a conservative heart. In any event, there is little we can do about it. Our heart is our heart. But, the better part of wisdom is found by trying to discover what insights and wisdom are discovered uniquely among those who have a different kind of heart from oneself. Peters has a different kind of heart from mine, but I acknowledge the concerns his raises are real concerns, and that there is wisdom in his point of view, even while I do not share that point of view.

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