Germaine Grisez on Pope Francis

Germaine Grisez is not happy with Pope Francis. In this letter, he not only criticizes the pope for careless word choices, but goes directly after Pope Francis's character, writing:

I’m afraid that Pope Francis has failed to consider carefully enough the likely consequences of letting loose with his thoughts in a world that will applaud being provided with such help in subverting the truth it is his job to guard as inviolable and proclaim with fidelity. For a long time he has been thinking these things. Now he can say them to the whole world — and he is self-indulgent enough to take advantage of the opportunity with as little care as he might unburden himself with friends after a good dinner and plenty of wine. 

Self-indulgent? Little care? Can you imagine the reaction of Grisez and his buddies if someone had said such things about their hero Pope John Paul II? 

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