IOPFKWIK Syndrome: +Morlino

Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin, was interviewed last week on Raymond Arroyo's "The World Over" in EWTN. Everything +Morlino says about Pope Francis seems grudging, but I am especially worried that +Morlino may be articulating a meme we will see again in the future - the idea that Pope Francis is, almost uniquely, a creature of his background in Argentina and, just so, crippled in his worldview, certainly sufficiently crippled that what he says can be ignored by us in the U.S. This is not exactly IOPFKWIK - If Only Pope Francis Knew What I Know - Syndrome, but it is close. It is more like - If Only Pope Francis Knew More Than He Learned In Argentina. I do not think we need another, exceedingly long acronym, this is close enough to the original. Acronym or no, it is astounding in its dismissive, condescending tone and focus. I think this pope is as wise in Rome as he was in Argentina. Clearly, things appear differently to a certain kind of churchman in the U.S. 

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