Links for 01/13/17

Many of Donald Trump's cabinet nominees are on Capitol Hill this week for their confirmation hearings. And, they tend to disagree with many, many things he said on the campaign trail. This is going to be interesting. Karen Tumulty, in this morning's WaPo, analyzes the divergences. 

At RNS, David Gibson on how the priorities of the U.S. bishops might be realigning as Trump and the Trump-led GOP take the reins of power. Gibson attended the conference on "Erroneous Autonomy" I helped put together and uses that as a touchstone for his always insightful analysis. I especially liked the tweet from Fr. Sirico in response to Bishop Robert McElroy's brilliant talk. 

At Pro Publica, the new governor of Puerto Rico, who campaigned on helping the hedge funds not the people of that island, has hired Corey Lewandowski to lobby for Puerto Rico. I do not want to pre-judge how this could turn out, but it is a bad day when the best analogy you can grasp at is that our salvation assigned a role to Judas. 


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