Links for 02/10/16

Two items on criticism. The first, in the Washington Post, on modernist architecture here in Washington D.C. The Hirshhorn is better than the critic allows, and the FBI building should indeed be demolished. Mercifully, the critic did not look at some of the modernist ecclesial structures that mar the landscape of our city.

The second article, in the Atlantic, features Leon Wieseltier's devastating critique of A.O.Scott's understanding of criticism. Devastating and splendid. 

Mark Silk on the role of evangelicals in New Hampshire (yes, there are a surprisingly large number) but how they differ from evangelicals in Iowa and in the South. 

I am with Rod Dreher on this one. At the American Conservative, he derides the practice of renting a cathedral's nave for parties. Not surprised the businesses who rent the space do not know better. Sad to know the Cathedral canons don't know any better. 

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