Links for 02/26/15

Only click on this link when you can concentrate. Tuesday, I attended a lecture by Bishop Daniel Flores at Catholic University on "Immigration as Paradigm for Faith & Social Justice." +Danny Flores is one of the leading intellectuals in our hierarchy and, in this lecture, you see his gifts on full display. 

You say "Breitbart," I say "Onion." Sometimes it is hard to tell what is serious and what is parody. Regrettably, this article by Austin Ruse at Breitbart is not parody: "European Royalty Appeals to Pope Francis on Church Teaching." I must say, looking to people whose families famously undertook marriages for reasons of state, seems like a strange place to look for moral guidance. 

At the Atlantic, Gillian White on the gap between wages and productivity in her interview with Jan Rivkin. The data tells the story but we need the Church to provide the moral framework, and some politicians willing to produce the political narrative and the policies. But, knowing the facts help, and the facts are scary.

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