Links for 03/02/16

At this morning's General Audience, the Holy Father had this to say:

"I think of some benefactors of the Church, who come with an offer for the Church and their offer is the fruit of the blood of people who have been exploited, enslaved with work which was under-payed” he said.

“I will tell these people to please take back their cheques. The People of God don’t need their dirty money but hearts that are open to the mercy of God” he said. 

Cf. the 990s of groups like the Acton Institute or, for that matter, many of those on the lists of donors to dioceses. That said, the pope is wrong. You don't tell these people to take back their money. You quote Jerry Falwell and say "The Devil has had that money long enough." Joking aside, where are those bishops who are always fretting about Catholic identity when the money is being handed out? 

At America magazine, Margot Patterson puts her finger on the real problem regarding the recently resigned President of Mt. St. Mary's University. Yes, he was clueless about academic freedom but he was clueless about the academy more generally.  The board bought into the same foolishness that Trump is selling, the idea that businessmen have some kind of special aptitude in areas other than business. 

As businessmen go, Warren Buffet is far from the worst. But, at Politico, in offering a compliment to Bernie Sanders, he also shows how deeply he has bought into the business model that happens to be destroying the planet: growth at all costs, celebration of the golden eggs that turn out to be poisoned, etc. 


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