Links for 03/26/15

The Holy Father's sermon this morning continues his theme on the doctors of the law suffocating the joy of faith. 

Cathy Kaveny, at Commonweal. dissects a new promotional video for vocations produced by Fr. Barron. My friend, Professor Kaveny, is a tad unfair - there is a fleeting image of a woman in the video, and for about 2 seconds you see a seminarian at what looks like it might be a food pantry. But, overall, yes, this is one strange video.

Thank you Politico, specifically Ben Judah, for criticizing the hagiographic testimonies on behalf of recently deceased Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore. He gave authoritarianism a good, or at least passable, name. I believe in the dictum de mortuis nil nisi bonum. I also remember being in Singapore and being warned by a friend not to spit on the street or toss a cigarette butt away or you could get imprisoned and caned. 

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