Links for 04/05/17

The Hope Border Institute denounces an ICE decision denying a parole request for a Mexican journalist fleeing death threats. The Hope Border Institute does great work building solidarity along the border, and alerting the rest of us to threats to that solidarity. Keep up the good work!

At Patheos, Fr. Dwight Longenecker is at it again. He thinks there is nothing particularly morally offensive about a border wall, and calls the Mass Cardinal Sean O'Malley led at the border "manipulative." How is calling attention to the plight of migrants manipulative? Longenecker should be sent back to the Anglicans. 

At Politico, an instructive article on health care reform and how the devil can live in the details, e.g., there is a way to gut the ban on denying coverage to those with a pre-existing condition without technically removing the ban.

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This will be my last post for one week. I will return on Holy Thursday.  




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