Links for 04/27/15

The Heartland Institute is becoming the Westboro Church of climate change. The so-called think tank leads the way in denying man-made climate change.They announced they are hosting an event at the Vatican, well, not at the Vatican, but nearby, to persuade Pope Francis not to believe what 97% of the scientific community think is so. Should we tell them that the encyclical is written and being translated as we speak?  

Thumbs up to the USCCB for backing a program that allows minors in Central America to seek refugee status in their home countries rather than turn themselves over to coyotes and make the treacherous trip north. 

Thumbs down to the USCCB for signing on to the "March for Marriage" organized by a Brian Brown, who has pushed anti-gay legislation in Russia and Africa, not just traditional marriage protection legislation. The president of the USCCB Archbishop Joseph Kurtz spoke at the event which only drew about 10,000 people, not a large number by DC protest standards. The next time someone at the conference says their opposition to same sex marriage is not in the least hateful, ask what they are doing at an event organized by a group that not only extols hate, it exports it. 

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