Links for 07/23/15

by Michael Sean Winters

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At the National Catholic Register, Msgr. Stuart Swetland gives "one cheer" for the Iran nuclear deal. When you read the piece, it is more like two cheers, maybe even two-and-one-half. As Msgr. points out, the alternatives are all worse than the deal that was struck, even though the deal is, like all such negotiated deals, imperfect.

At, L. Martin Nussbaum presents a different analysis of the Little Sisters of the Poor's legal case than myself. The story he introduces to the discussion is not an apt analogy, however, because the evil in that story is not remote at all, and it is far graver. For starters, this whole kerfuffle is about providing insurance coverage for contraception: No one is being strapped to a gurney and force fed the pill. 

Democrats for Life calls for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. I know that Planned Parenthood does good things like cancer screenings and the such. But, it was always impossible to morally defend their abortion practice and, now, it is actually obscene.

Sympathy and condolences to Bishop David O'Connell on the death of his mother.  She was a great mom and he was a great son, and it was a privilege to see their mutual devotion. 

Crux gives space to coverage of a poll commissioned by Catholics for Choice, and the coverage is penned by a staffer at Catholics for Choice. I am all for a free press, but this doesn't pass the smell test. Pollsters know who is paying their bills. Press mavens know how to spin even a bad poll. And, Catholics for Choice is a misnomer to begin with. Wassup? 

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