Links for 07/29/15

At Pray, Tell Blog, an article by Barry Hudock, whose book on Murray I have been reviewing. I agree that we need a measure of humility when discussing doctrine - as the Holy Father says, we must leave room for the Holy Spirit. But, humility cannot be a cover for the kind of theological relativism that is only too obvious in large swaths of both the Catholic Left & Right. 

An example of the political Left's pathetic attempt to divert the conversation about the Planned Parenthood videos to the groups doing the filming. This is only a conversation worth having once we first discuss what was on the film, Planned Parenthood executives speaking about dismembering unborn children the way most of us talk about disassembling a bookcase. 

At the Atlantic, Leon Wieseltier makes the case that the Obama administration, even if you agree with what they do, such as the Iran deal, tend to explain it in ways that should make everyone nervous. And, incidentally, Leon does not agree with the Iran deal. 

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