Links for 08/05/16

First, a clarification. I received a note from Kristina Arriaga, the executive director of the Becket Fund, who was concerned that in my article yesterday, readers might have thought I was tagging Becket Fund with Trump's anti-Muslim attacks. To be clear, Becket worked with the Knights of Columbus and the U.S. bishops on the HHS mandate. They have been wonderful fighting for the religious rights of Muslims, including last year's Supreme Court case Holt v. Hobbs. It was Carl Anderson, not Becket Fund, whom I chided for failing to mention Trump's anti-Muslim bigotry. 

At Millennial, Daniel Petri tackles the idea that people should vote their "conscience" by supporting a third party candidate. He correctly notes that this is nonsense. There is an unacceptable risk this year in people who are not enthusiastic about Clinton voting for a third party to register their lack of enthusiasm, but if that were to permit Trump to win, it is a luxury we can't afford. 

On Expertise: David Duke says Donald Trump is not a racist. And he should know. Politico has the story. 

Here is an oldie but goodie: The BBC on the prospect of eliminating comment sections. I am all for it!

On this the Feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major, good wishes to the Archpriest, Cardinal Santos Abril y Castello, and here is a short video about the extraordinary church, one of my favorite in Rome:



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