Links for 08/07/15

At RNS, Mark Silks notes how little attention was paid to the religious liberty issue during the debate last night. 

At USAToday,Kirsten Powers takes on the Democrats absurd argument that a baby is not a baby until we say it is a baby. Powers is a voice of sanity on the channel of Hannity, and it is good to hear women calling out Planned Parenthood.

At Christianity Today, a trio of conservative Catholic voices on the need to remember the vital roles the churches play in society, and why people who disagree with this or that teaching of a given church should resist the urge to marginalize them. They urge support for the First Amendment Defense Act, in an effort to bolster the immunities that amendment was designed to guarantee. I think the prospects for FADA are nil after the Indiana RFRA fight and before we seek legislation like FADA, the churches have to do a much better job figuring out how to speak about LGBT people in a way that is not hostile or dismissive. 


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