Links for 08/23/16

Why is Trump campaigning in states he is sure to win, and others he is sure to lose? Nobody knows. Politico has the story. If Trump's strategy works, and the images of adoring crowds in Mississippi and Texas pass through the internet ether and persuade people in Ohio and Virginia and Florida, then the old adage will have been killed and all politics will no longer be local. 

What is going on at the National Catholic Register? Has Mark Shea been fired? Simcha Fisher? They are not my cup of tea, to be sure but then again the Register is not my cup of tea either. 

At Mosaic, Richard Samuelson overstates the concern about religious liberty being endangered (he should read Hosanna Tabor, take two aspirin and call me in the morning), the rise in anti-Semitism he discusses is truly alarming and should concern all decent people. 

Why we need to find ways to build subsidiarity into our laws: This article in the Washington Post business section on an effort in San Francisco to create affordable housing for mostly minority people in gentrifying neighborhoods, that runs afoul of Civil Rights laws designed to help those very people. There must be a way to allow assessment of the competing values at stake. Civil rights laws had to be enacted at the federal level because states did not and would not enforce equal treatment under the law. But, surely, federal officials can work at the local level to make sure the law is not frustrating the very purposes for which it was enacted, and make modifications as needed.   

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