Links for 08/24/16

At Crux, Carl Anderson has a strange essay, the title of which says Catholics should prioritize abortion when they consider how they will vote, citing the example of Mother Teresa. When you read the article, alas, you realize the title is misleading. First, Anderson does not make the case for prioritizing abortion, but essentially argues that it be absolutized. Pope Francis famously said that we Catholics cannot be obsessed only with abortion, same sex marriage and contraception. Anderson replies "Yes, we can!" Anderson does not seem the least concerned about immigration or any other issue. More worrisome, what does a prioritization of abortion mean this year? Hillary Clinton is obviously not pro-life and Donald Trump has given so little thought to the issue, he suggested that women who procure an abortion be sent to jail. Besides, who thinks of Trump and finds their minds drifting to memories of Mother Teresa? The thought is obscene.  

Liturgical Press has published a book, Polarization in the US Catholic Church: Naming the Wounds, Beginning to Heal. The book comes out of a conference held at the University of Notre Dame last year and includes essays by Bishop Danny Flores, Fr. John Jenkins, CSC, and yours truly, among other. 

At Politico, an analysis of Clinton's really stupid strategy of attempting to run out the clock on the email and Clinton Foundation stories. The problem with slow drips is that by the time you notice them, the damage is already done. The November election looks good for Clinton, but she remains a deeply flawed candidate and it ain't over until it's over. 


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