Links for 08/29/16

No journalist has distinguished himself this election cycle more than Michael Gerson, a Republican who wrote speeches for George W. Bush and who has long championed the compassionate conservatism agenda we associate with the White House Faith-Based Office. His commentaries on the significance of Donald Trump have been splendid. His latest is extraordinary even by his already high standards. He makes the case that Trump has consistently said his own ignorance of the issues is not a big issue because his talent is to hire the smartest people available, but that theory is questioned when you take a look at the people he has hired to run his campaign!

The Catholic Labor Network has released its annual Gaudium et Spes report on those Catholic institutions that employ union workers. Kudos to those that do and to those that don't: Get with the program!

At New York magazine, Ed Kilgore on the issue no one is talking about this election cycle: Religious liberty. As predicted, when the issue got hitched to the wagon of anti-LGBT discrimination by the likes of Ryan Anderson, you knew it was going south. 

Yesterday, on the way home from Mass, I listened to this TED talk by Tim Urban on procrastination. And I thought I was the only one who spent hours on Google earth!



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