Links for 09/26/16

The great thing about LifeSiteNews is that they unintentionally serve as research assistant to those of us charged with policing the culture of the Church for fanaticism. This latest is about the election warnings from a former chaplain at Ave Maria Law School. Who would have thought you would find zaniness there? It is like finding gambling at Rick's. Be sure to go to the end and watch the video too.

At RNS, Lauren Markoe on the views of young voters, and their disturbing inclination to not get out and vote (or otherwise engage the culture). 

At Politico, fact checkers look at all the misrepresentations and lies that Donald Trump told in a single week. Money quote:

We subjected every statement made by both the Republican and Democratic candidates — in speeches, in interviews and on Twitter — to our magazine’s rigorous fact-checking process. The conclusion is inescapable: Trump’s mishandling of facts and propensity for exaggeration so greatly exceed Clinton’s as to make the comparison almost ludicrous.


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