Links for 09/28/16

by Michael Sean Winters

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At Politico, and as discussed in morning post, the Trump campaign seems eager to charge Hillary Clinton with being an enabler of her husband's affairs. It is hard to imagine a worse strategy for Trump than this. Not only does it set up Hillary to do something she does not do easily, get emotional about deciding to stay in her marriage, it sets up the hashtag #AskIvankaboutMarla.

At FiveThirtyEight, a hilarious chat among the editors about whether or not the polls are missing anything this year. Nate Silver's comment about Pravda is hilarious, provided Trump does not win in which case it is scary.

Sometimes, friends suggest I am overstating the case about the influence of libertarianism on certain sectors of the Catholic Right. I now produce Exhibit #1 in my defense that I am not the least overstating the case, an essay by Tim Busch, Catholic University board member, for whom the business school has just been named, writing at the Register about how the Koch brothers' "Market-Based Management" is compatible with the Church's social doctrine. 

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