Links for 09/29/16

At Commonweal, David Bentley Hart has an extraordinary article about the New Testament. It is easy to see how Hart challenges the facile attempt to baptize capitalism by Tim Busch, that I linked to yesterday. But, it really challenges all of us who try to baptize our pet projects, domesticate the faith, and rob the Gospel of its zeal. I will have more on this next week. 

Speaking of, if you thought I was unfair to poor Tim Busch, watch this videotape of his interview with Raymond Arroyo in which he describes the RC one-​percenters gathering at his Napa retreat. It makes my skin crawl. 

Bishop Robert Barron recently spoke at Saint Thomas College's Matriculation ceremony. Sometimes, people resist the label of "culture warrior." Bishop Barron not only embraces it, he wants the poor kids to embrace it also. He, too, should read the essay in Commonweal noted above and calculate just how counter- cultural in service to the Gospel he is willing to be. 

On this my onomastico, I share one of my favorite hymns. The tune is great but the words are glorious!



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