Links for 10/03/16

At Working-Class Perspectives, Marc Dann examines the Wells Fargo case, and what it illustrates about the difficulty in uncovering unethical banking practices, even for government prosecutors, let alone consumers! 

At Politico, Donald Trump's surrogates insist the fact that he hasn't paid taxes in forever shows he is a genius! (Or, at least his tax accountant is a genius.) This response was expected, which tells us something very important: It was not the reason he has continued to decline to produce his tax returns like every other presidential candidate in memory. If he wasn't hiding the fact he paid no taxes, what is he hiding? Smart money says it is that he is not worth nearly as much money as he claims to be worth. 

At GetReligion, Julia Duin looks at the transformation of the Crystal Cathedral into Christ Cathedral and asks some important questions about religious architecture. The original architectural vision of this iconic building must be respected, even while it is transformed. 

At the National Catholic Register, surely they can find a more profound theological mind than that belonging to Msgr. Charles Pope to explain the moral issues raised by this election.  Do tell Msgr where in the magisterium of the Church you find this idea of "non-negotiable" issues in the political realm? 



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