Links for 11/04/16

At RNS, Mark Silk both applauds and chides Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Conference. Hats off for Moore's distancing himself from Trump and calling out the Old Guard in the religious right for their failure to do the same, but hats back on for his failure to recognize that the whole raison d'etre of the religious right was to support the GOP.

At Religion & Politics, the transcript of a conversation with David Brooks and E.J. Dionne on "Sinfulness, Hopefulness, and the Possibility of Politics." 

At First Things, George Weigel is in a snit because he thought he was the only one who was supposed to be the voice of Catholicism in the public square and he is shocked that liberals would try and influence the relationship between religion and politics. 

Today is the feast of St. Charles Borromeo and also the anniversary of the coronation of St. Pope John XXIII, who had edited the acta of Borromeo's archdiocesan journeys implementing the Council of Trent. When they put the tiara on Roncalli's head, they could not have thought he would put his researches to such good use by convoking Vatican II. Forward leaning pontiff that he was, Good Pope John also loved the traditions of the Church, including its highly baroque liturgies. Here is video of his coronation:


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