Links for 11/18/15

by Michael Sean Winters

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At Politico, a report on the Koch Brothers investigative apparatus. These guys just seem creepier and creepier to me. 

Also at Politico, Cong. Steve King, the nativist ranter extraordinaire, endorses Sen. Ted Cruz for president. I am not surprised. I am worried. And Cruz is going to play off the fear generated by the Paris attacks with great success. FDR used to call Huey Long the most dangerous man in America. Today, it is Ted Cruz. 

Monitoring the situation in Puerto Rico, the BondBuyer reports that Gov. Padilla is standing up to the hedge funds, and refusing to throw the poor people of that island under the bus. The Obama administration should have his back.

And, in a truly stunning cultural moment, at a Mass honoring the victims of the terrorist attack at Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral, while Cardinal Vingt-Trois incenses the altar, the organist does an improvisation, finishing with La Marseillaise. Some divisions take a long time to overcome but some evils require us to overcome them.





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