Links for 12/16/15

by Michael Sean Winters

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Over at Mirror of Justice, Michael Moreland looks at the legal issues involved in National Labor Relations Board cases regarding religious institutions, about which I wrote yesterday. I defer to Moreland's statement of the legal facts, but point out that I was not addressing those facts, but instead, asking whether the argument made sense. Lots of things are legal that don't make sense. 

At American Prospect, Arthur Goldhammer takes a smart look at the recent regional elections in France. The country dodged the National Front bullet this time, but the rise of these xenophobic parties throughout Europe should cause everyone more than a little concern.  

How evil is ISIS? According to the Mirror, they are now killing children with Down's Syndrome. Of course, here in the US, we abort about 90 percent of all children with Down's Syndrome, so the barbarity is only a bit earlier. 

As always, Mark Silk at RNS has an interesting take on the recent document on Jewish-Catholic relations. Both sides need not stretch their historical record to demonstrate some kind of precedent for better relations. Quite the contrary. Let's be glad we have put all that hatred behind us. 


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