Links for 12/22/15

by Michael Sean Winters

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In this morning's Washington Post, Dana Milbank on political correctness as the "mother of all strawmen." Political correctness, once merely an obnoxious and sophomoric habit of the college left, has been hyped into a threat to national security by the Republican candidates. Whatever happened to "when I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible"? The video is not yet posted, but John McWhorter was on CNN last night with Don Lemon and he assessed the issues at play in this, and similar discussions, perfectly.

More evidence that the abortion rights movement is becoming increasingly tone deaf to the national debate: They are touting a new abortion clinic that feels more like a spa. Why not get a pedicure or take a mudbath after an abortion? Really? This is sad news about the people who think this way, but good news for everybody else. When your opponent is making mistakes, do not get in the way, and denying the moral gravity of abortion is a big, bug mistake, one I hope its advocates keep making.

According to Politico, talk radio is now coalescing their advocacy around the campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz. He has already picked up much of the evangelical support draining away from Carson, and now he is getting the people who put the mouth into mouthpiece. And, if Trump implodes, who is better positioned to inherit his followers? As predicted earlier, Cruz is on the path to winning the nomination.



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