Note to Readers

It has been more than two years since I have taken a week off, in part because I really do look forward to getting up each morning, scanning the newspaper, visiting a few key websites - Vatican Bollettino, Vatican Insider, Rocco - and figuring out what I want to write about. But, I have a bunch of books I need to read, and a backyard that has come to resemble a jungle and needs some heavy duty attention. So, next week, I will not be writing. Fear not, faithful "Distinctly Catholic" fans - these pages will not go dark. Earlier this month, I asked Robert Christian to fill in for me. Robert is a Graduate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, which is how I came to know him. He edits the truly wonderful, still-new, blog "Millennial." And, perhaps most importantly, he has an interesting mind (one of the highest compliments I can give) and a faithful approach to the world of ideas. I encourage all my regular readers to check his essays each morning.

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