The Right's Preemptive Strikes on Pope Francis

You have begun to see some conservatives launch preemptive strikes against Pope Francis' anticipated encyclical on the environment. Here is one of the most outrageous, from Dennis Prager. I do not know what Mr. Prager's religion is, but no Catholic could pen this sentence:

In the long run, this [the pope's perceived "leftism"] will bring down the Church -- just as it has mainstream Protestantism and non-Orthodox Judaism -- as well as diminish decency on earth.

We are told in the Scriptures that the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church, so I doubt anything the pope says about the environment will achieve that effect. But, a word to the wise among my conservative Catholic friends: If you align yourselves with climate change deniers, you will only put yourselves outside the conversation, and the conversation the pope will further is an important one. I do not trust my colleagues on the left to have this conversation on their own. We need thoughtful conservative voices. If Mr. Prager's column is any indication, those voices may not be forthcoming. 

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