Donation push means bear-lion-tiger family can remain together

Leo the tiger, Baloo the bear and Shere Khan the tiger nuzzle in their shared living space at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, in Locust Grove, Ga. (Photo courtesy of Noah's Ark Animal Shelter)

"BLT," the world's only bear-lion-tiger family, recently faced eviction from their home at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Ga. Thanks to the recent generosity of strangers, BLT can rest easy.

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary had to comply with USDA rules and double their fence height by this month, at the cost of $500,000. The nonprofit feared closure because they didn't have the funds, and shutting down would mean separating their beloved BLT.

Starting Aug. 15, #STARTARYOT CrowdRise Challenge offered $75,000 to any nonprofit that could raise the most money in five weeks. Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary entered the contest and asked people to help them #RaiseTheFence. They also encouraged supporters to tweet the question, "If the #BLT can live together, why can't we?"

Their tactics worked, and Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary was announced as the winner of the contest Thursday. The sanctuary earned an extra $10,000 for acquiring the most unique donors during the last week of the challenge. The money raised has saved the sanctuary, and BLT can remain brothers.

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