Greenpeace, Catholic Coalition bring good news on the environment

Greenpeace International and the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change are reporting good news on the environmental front.

Greenpeace's ongoing campaign to stop rainforest destruction in Indonesia has prompted Kroger, the giant grocery store chain, to stop carrying Paseo paper products, manufactured by Asia Pulp and Paper, on its shelves. These throwaway tissue products are made from wood fiber from pulpwood plantations that encroach on rainforests in Indonesia and destroy the habitat of the remaining 400 Sumatran tigers. Kroger discontinued carrying the Paseo line after 50,000 activists contacted the company asking them to stop being a part of rainforest destruction.

Next on Greenpeace's list is Kmart. For further information on how to help convince Kmart to follow in Kroger's footsteps, go to the Greenpeace website.

Included in this week's posting from the Catholic Coalition is a link to an Akron Beacon Journal story about a Catholic school's successful composting project. The food scrap recycling effort at St. Paul Catholic School is an outgrowth of last year's Lenten series on taking care of the planet's resources. The project, named B the 1, is grounded in the Catholic mission to help students recognize the practical implication of their faith, the coalition reports.