Sharon Abercrombie has covered the environment, spirituality, women’s issues, animal rights and social justice for many newspapers, including the Columbus Ohio Citizen-Journal, the Columbus Catholic Times, the Oakland Catholic Voice, and Catholic San Francisco. She was assistant editor for EarthLight Magazine, the interfaith journal of eco-spirituality. She is a graduate of the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality at Holy Names University in Oakland, California.

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Universe's unfolding story set to music in composer's new oratorio

Eco Catholic: Composer Sam Guarnaccia's "Emergent Universe Oratorio" will be performed Friday night in Cleveland as part of the World Union of Jesuit Alumna congress.


St. Francis Alliance proclaims protection of all God's creatures

Pope Francis' words on animals in his encyclical Laudato Si' inspired the launch of the nationwide Catholic group, which recently hosted a retreat in Virginia.


Berta Caceres, Dorothy Stang remembered at Notre Dame de Namur vigil

Eco Catholic: Notre Dame de Namur University honored alumnae Dorothy Stang and Berta Caceres, both slain activists, during a candlelight vigil Thursday on its Belmont, Calif., campus.


For Ursuline sister, every day is World Food Day

"Food is a pro-life issue because food is about keeping people alive," says Ohio-based Sr. Christine Pratt, longtime leader in the Catholic Rural Life movement.