Pope’s quotes: Equality and difference

A quote from Pope Francis:

“Equality and difference of women — like that of men — is best perceived from the perspective of ‘with,’ in relation to, rather than ‘against.’ We have long left behind, at least in western societies, the model of the social subordination of women to men, a centuries-old model whose negative effects are nonetheless not yet fully spent. We have also left behind a second model, that of parity, pure and simple, applied mechanically, and of absolute equality. A new paradigm has thus taken shape, that of reciprocity in equivalence and in difference. The relationship between man and woman, therefore, must recognize that both are necessary inasmuch as they possess an identical nature but different modalities. One is necessary to the other, since the fullness of the person is thus truly achieved.”

— Audience with participants of “Women’s cultures: between equality and difference,” Plenary Assembly of Pontifical Council for Culture, Feb. 7, 2015

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