Pope’s quotes: The mercy of Jesus

A quote from Pope Francis:

“It will do us good, today, to enter into our hearts and look at Jesus. To say to him, ‘Lord, look, there are good things, but there are also things that are not good. Jesus, do You trust in me? I am a sinner.’ … Jesus is not afraid of this. … However, he who drifts away, who had a dual face; who lets himself be seen to be good to cover the hidden sin. … When we enter into our heart, we find many things that are not good, just as Jesus found in the temple the dirty affairs of trade. … We can continue our dialogue with Jesus: ‘Jesus, do You trust in me? … So, I will open the door to You, and You can cleanse my soul.”

“And then, we can ask the Lord, just as He came to cleanse the temple, to come and cleanse our soul. And we imagine Him, as He comes with a whip of ropes. … No, this is not what cleanses the soul! Do you know what the whip is that Jesus uses to cleanse our soul? Mercy. Open your hearts to the mercy of Jesus. … And if we open our hearts to Jesus’ mercy, so that He may cleanse our heart, our soul, then Jesus will trust in us.”

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