A 20-something's plea for answers

Last week, I wrote a blog entry, mostly about recent events in Philadelphia, that contained the paragraph:

"How does anyone explain the headlines to a youngster? How do you explain priests doing such horrible things? How do you explain bishops and cardinals, for God's sake, covering up the ugly truth for decades on end? How do you deal with such deep betrayal and yet say, "This is the community you belong to, this is the community that you should stick with"?

A 20-something wrote the following response to me:

"I'd love to see a campaign of some sort run (online? Viral? protest?) aimed at the hierarchy of clergy asking the simple questions you pose on behalf of young catholics (or disenchanted ones like myself),

"I just want to see that bundle of questions asked, with no deviation, over and over and over and over again by young catholics until they're answered. And I don't even care if they're answers I want to hear. I just want to hear them. Ignoring my concerns is a more grievous insult to my value than simply disagreeing with me. And the Catholic church since my childhood has felt like a faith rooted in sincere virtue represented by a junta rooted in insincere vice."

Thoughts, anyone?

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