American Life League seeks money through graphic images

In her most recent fundraising letter, Judie Brown, president of the pro-life group American Life League, included graphic images of what she says are victims of abortion. She then goes on to describe the work of Planned Parenthood as killing babies, promoting immorality, forcing others to violate their consciences and making Americans pay for it. Then she asks for money and invokes God.

In her words, "Planned Parenthood is selfish, vile, murderous, scandalous -- and so far have been diabolically effective in killing our babies and poisoning the minds of our youth.

"We must marginalize them by continuing to educate the public, politicians, prelates and media mavens about their racist and eugenic origin, and we must embarrass anyone who would support them in 2012."

The above is par for the course for Judie.

What caught my eye is this paragraph:

"Too many politicians -- including Catholic politicians -- have been complicit. Too many judges -- including Catholic judges -- have been complicit. Too many bishops, priests, pastors, nuns, reporters and activists have been silent, or apologists, or cheerleaders for Planned Parenthood's depravity."

After this whopper of a statement, Judie fails to name names.

Do you think Judie invited comment from, say, Richard Doerflinger, Anthony Picarello or any bishops in a manner similar to those who disagree on legislative tactics of health care reform? Not a chance.

She then asks for more money before signing off with this patriotic salvo:

"For the babies, for our nation, for our future, please help us today. May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America."

You can read the letter, sans graphic images, here.

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