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British ambassador to Holy See reflects on women in the church

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Nigel Baker, the UK Ambassador to the Holy See, blogs from his government's Foreign Office website. This morning to mark International Women's  Day he has a blog titled: Women at the Holy See. He writes:

" ... it seems clear to me that one of the tasks awaiting the successor to Benedict XVI will be to explore how the Holy See, and the Roman Catholic Church, can use better the talents, energy and loyalty of the women in its ranks."

Baker then gives a long list of women working in, for and along side the church here in Rome.

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Yet, he continues, "the public face of the Holy See, and the Roman Catholic Church, remains predominantly male. Stating that is not meant to be a criticism, but it is a fact. I wonder whether the Holy See is doing all it might to mobilise this great resource – Catholic women worldwide? No society can afford not to do so."




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