Advocates welcome investigation into abuse cover-up claims in Chile

Advocates for victims of sexual abuse by clergy have welcomed the Vatican's sending a delegate to Chile to look into claims of a cover-up there, but they also wonder why it took the pope so long to make the move. 


Let's all agree to 'live in tension'

NCR Today: If I had to choose a quote from our latest print issue that could serve as a motto for the whole edition, I think I'd have to go with Pope Francis' words to the Vatican diplomatic corps advising them to "abandon the familiar rhetoric and start from the essential consideration that we are dealing, above all, with persons."

Don't dismiss Congress yet

NCR Today: A reader told us our editorial on the 2001 Authorization for use of Military Force was emblematic of many editorials we write that go beyond Catholic Church issues: naïve.

Trump retains 'gender identity' protection in the workplace

Some conservatives miffed. President Trump won't revoke an Obama executive order prohibiting workplace discrimination based on "sexual orientation" and "gender identity."